Origin 400i

The Origin 400i.

To explore the stars is a most noble endeavor, and Origin Jumpworks has risen to the occasion in crafting the 400i, the ultimate high-performance pathfinder. Representing a harmonious concourse of style, quality, and sophistication, the 400i exhibits class-leading range, substantial defensive capabilities, and a factory-equipped scanning array, while maintaining the comfort and elegance Origin is known for. Take on the harshest corners of the galaxy without compromise.

My responsibilities were to complete the exterior greybox, final art, materials and some technical setup for the destruction pipeline.

Credit to:

Ben Curtis - Art Director
Pete Royal - Art Lead
VFX+Tech Teams - Visual effects such as thrusters, quantum travel effects and vehicle destruction.
Lars Laukens - Rear Turret
Danielius Gnizinskas - Whitebox / Initial Greybox
Ashley Aslett - Interior upper deck
Colin baynard - Interior lower deck

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